Platforms4CPS booth at the Digital Innovation Forum 2017 (DIF) in Amsterdam

 (Picture: Platforms4CPS consortium members and visitors voting at the booth)

The Platforms4CPS Team was present with a community booth in Amsterdam during the DIF 2017 together with their Horizon 2020 sister projects DEIS, CERBERO, and CPSwarm. As a highlight the booth was equipped with an interactive survey for visitors to vote on their CPS Priorities. During the two day event more than 50 visitors from large Companies, SMEs, Academia, and Other Institutions (i.e. Clusters, Associations) voted on their Priorities. The results of the survey in combination will be used to derive CPS/IoT recommendations for the European Commission and are summarised in the diagrams below. In addition to voting of CPS priorities the Platforms4CPS booth visitors received information regarding the objectives, approaches, and expected impacts as well as to become members of the Platforms4CPS community. During the event more than 40 new CPS experts joined the project expert group. All members of the expert group will be invited in the upcoming project period to participate in the Platforms4CPS PlatForum, workshops as well as in CPS/IoT related events in Europe.

(Diagram 1.0: Results of the CPS Technological Priorities voting)

 (Diagram 2.0: Results of the CPS Non-Technological Priorities voting)

Platforms4CPS Market Landscape Workshop on the 9th of May

In addition, the Platforms4CPS consortium held a Market Landscape Workshop at the same venue right before the DIF event. The aim of this workshop was to discuss the results of an investigation into the CPS and IIoT market segmentation and to contribute to guiding future tasks including an analysis of competition and opportunities for the European Ecosystem, CPS platform advancement and research roadmap development. The interactive workshop also had the objective to stimulate the discussion of Platforms4CPS Market Segmentation as well as the outcomes of the CPS Platforms Survey, and to identify needs and barriers for a successful implementation in different application domains (manufacturing, transport, energy and health).

If you would like more information please visit the Platforms4CPS website for the workshop report, presentations, and pictures of the workshop and the event. We are also looking forward to your visit on our Twitter channel, where you can follow the progress of the project.

Background: The ARTEMIS Industry Association and the EUREKA Cluster ITEA organised the international industry-driven event for the global software innovation community in the Amsterdam RAI on 10th -11th of May. Around 450 participants attended the Forum, which was dedicated to Digital Transformation with a strong focus on global topics of Digital Innovation, future emerging challenges for industry, and research & innovation (R&I) results. Next to inspiring keynotes on Digital Transformation, the audience could participate on a Digital Transformation Panel session, moderated by the Platforms4CPS consortium member Meike Reimann as well as in interactive workshops on emerging challenges for industry in terms of Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Mobility. Furthermore, a total of 66 exhibitors showed impressive R&I results and business impacts of their ECSEL-JU, ITEA and H2020 projects in a large exhibition.

Please follow the link below for more information about the event and presentations of the workshops: